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Personalised Care Plan Management Software for Care Home and Homecare.

Visibility. Flexibility. Accountability. How it Works
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What is Zuri?

Zuri is the answer to the data management problems experienced by home care services.  

icon-folder.png Detailed, personalised care plans per patient.
icon-people.png Real-time data access means you and your team are always up to speed.
icon-cloud.png Secure cloud based storage makes for a more efficient working environment.
icon-padlock.png Encrypted data storage and transfer for full regulatory compliance.
icon-files.png A paperless future for management of your patients' care plans.
emar.png Integrated with eMAR

The Problem

Without Zuri, the problem is data chaos. Multiple data sources, no on-site data access, over-reliance on paper.

For carers

Carers have no access to the full care history of the patient they are visiting, and limited means of seeking support when on site.

For managers

Tracking, measuring and supporting the activities of carers in the field is incredibly difficult. Paper based records create ongoing operational problems.

For directors

With historical care data held in paper form, risk management, audit accountability and regulatory compliance are onerous and fraught with difficulty.

The Solution

Real-time data, delivered where and when it's needed.

Zuri solves data management problems for carers, managers and directors.

For carers

Zuri puts all of the information carers need into their hands when providing care, with access to live support when they need it.

For managers

Real-time activity data allows managers to monitor and support carers efficiently, whilst depending on Zuri to provide an unimagined level of management information.

For directors

Zuri provides directors secure and comprehensive data with a new level of comfort in discharging their statutory duties.

How it Works

By equipping your home care nursing team with tablets and Zuri licences, you open your business to a new era of secure online data management.


Buy Zuri licences and configure Zuri to fit your processes. (We'll help with that.)


Buy a mobile data deal, equip your team with suitable tablet devices and train them. (We'll help with that bit too.)


Enjoy a new world of data consistency, management information and data risk mitigation!


Our pricing is based on the number of system users you have and is all inclusive.

Here is six good reasons why Zuri pricing model is perfectly suited for a Care environment!

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. 


One simple monthly fee

All you pay is a simple recurring monthly fee based on the number of employees using the Zuri system.


Cancel at anytime

We won’t tie you in with a long contract - we provide our software and services on a monthly rolling contract.


Full support included

We offer 9am to 5pm support via telephone and the built-in 'Zuri Assistant' to help get the most of of your system.


Access to all features

You have access to all the tools and functionalities that Zuri provides at all times. No hidden costly add-ons to pay extra


Always up-to-date

We are constantly updating and improving Zuri and all additional features are included in your monthly subscription.


Total security

Highly secure (same encryption as online banking) and available from any web browser without software installation

Who are we?

Zuri is produced by Care Software Solutions, a company in Jersey that specialises in software products for the home care industry.

Cheryl Kenealy, founder of Care Software Solutions, is a registered nurse who owns both a nursing home and a domiciliary home care business in Jersey.

Cheryl found the conventional system of paper based records to be laborious, time consuming, inefficient and unreliable, making audit of care difficult and unreliable.

She discovered that there was no software solution available that suited the needs of her own home care business, so she decided to build the right product for the market.

Cheryl's own experience in the delivery of care services has shaped her approach to the architecture, security and functionality of Zuri.

Cheryl and her team understand your business, and their mission is to make home care management easier, more secure and more effective through brilliant technology.